Is Fashion a Investment?

Fashion is a term used for latest or trending style of clothing, hair, behavior or decoration. There are many who believe in “fashion comfort” which means they adopt to it if they feel they will be comfortable with that trend otherwise they linger on to their comfort clothes. Some are very much obsessed with trending clothes and styles, these are the people who can also be called shopaholics as soon as the trend changes they would not even mind to throw their brand new not even once used clothes for they are out of trend.

Where -in you must be in contact with at least one such person, who would be wearing age old clothes and has nothing to do with style trends. Without following any of these extremes you can still be in style and make a fashion statement. Here I will discussing to why you need to change the way you dress or change some of your clothes.

  1. Create an impression at social gathering:

In a wedding or an engagement function, a birthday party or thanks giving, Christmas holidays or family gatherings all these occasions call for traditional clothes or special dress up in some way or the other.

The clothes you wear are noticed by all at the social gathering, so it should be in according to the occasion at the same time it has to be with the current fashion trends so that you do not look off in the whole place. Dressing up in style not only makes you look stunning but also gives you a self confidence while you walk and talk. It creates a certain i


in everyone’s mind the way you dress, your personality is defined by it.


  1. Too old fashioned:

Some people wear their old jeans they use to wear at collage even after 10 years which is good as it proves that you are still in that good shape. Cheers to you!! But if you are wearing those bell-bottom jeans in this 21st sanctuary you are definitely going to stand out and by this I mean negatively.

Some style trends cannot be worn any time like bell-bottom jeans, those kurta and wide bottoms which looked awful even when they were in style. Do not be too old fashioned, try at least to be in fashion on and off to buy some clothes according to the fashion which is extremely necessary for social meetings and gatherings.

  1. Creating your impression at work/interview:

When going for an interview there are specific codes for clothing like formal skirts, formal shirts and trousers. According to style craze even style of office wear also keep on changing so you should dress accordingly to the current patterns, this would create a positive impact on interviewer.

If you are through with the content but you do not look presentable with the clothes and hairdo then you may not clear the interview also even though you have knowledge as being presentable is also a part of job as professionally you have to follow a dress code.

  1. Doesn’t suit your body type:

If you have a pear shaped body and you wear fluffy skirt and a tight top, you will look even fatter then you are as your bottom is already wide and yet you have chosen a skirt which makes it look wider. A perfect dress for a pear shape is to dress like A-line dresses which highlights your upper portion and conceals the lower


Do not wear clothes in contrast with your body style whether you have a pear shaped body or apple shaped body. In case of a perfectly symmetrical body you can choose to wear almost anything. But it is very rare to achieve such rare “ideal body symmetry”.


  1. Doesn’t reflect who you are

Your clothes should definitely define who you are. For eg: if a person is Geek, then his ensemble will consist of may be a shirt will formal pant and glasses with a book in hand almost all the time.

If you are a Teenager chic, you would be probably wearing pink or purple will matching hair bands and a shiny sling obviously with the same color. According to your personality, you should get dressed because some unknown person may not known you but by having a lot at you they fame a image in their head about how you would be.


  1. You are caught in a comfort zone

Comfort Zone is good, for a place but when it comes to clothes definitely it’s not the best. You need to understand that pajamas are everyone’s comfort zone but you cannot wear them around guests or while going outside your house. Some experimenting outside your comfort zone is good. Sometimes dressing according to mood, new Color and fresh scent of a new cloth gives you the right amount of confidence that you crave for.



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