“Myth” is a Greek term which means a misconception which people believe in without putting its truthfulness to test. The reason myths prevail is because they are told when we are very young and they are so deep rooted in our brains that we believe them to be true and we never question its authenticity.

As kids we are told so many concepts by our grandmother, mother or an aunt. Tips and tricks told to us repeatedly so they set deep in our minds.

There are so many myths regarding beauty and fashion which are not true. Here I will be listing today few of them:beauty myths busted

  • One of the most common myths that I believed growing up was shaving body hair makes them grow back thick:

Truth is that the diameter of our hair remains the same throughout our life and do not change in any case. It depends on the way you remove them for example if you remove them diagonally then they tend to appear thick but in actual they are not. So do not worry and wax your body as you please.

  • Pumping up mascara more time to get thick content:

Pumping up more in the mascara container to get more product on the mascara brush is wrong. In the process, the container stays open making the product dry, but we have seen our mother and aunt or friends do the same thing. The correct way is to swirl the mascara inside and then use in on your lashes to give them volume.

  • Using heat protecting serum or pray only when using hot tools:

Styling your hair is a very important part of your dressing up session for any party or social event. Styling your hair requires use of many hot tools; even if you are using them occasionally it would damage your hair. Protecting serum and spray forms a layer on your hair so while styling it will not damage your hair and their quality is not compromised while styling.

  • Yellowing your nail cannot be stopped:

We are often told by our elders, to not paint our nails regularly as it would develop a yellow tint which then cannot be undone. There are few tricks for that using a base coat before applying colored coat prevents nails from turning yellow, also apply nail color with UVA protection. Using baking soda also helps in stopping that yellow tint.

  • After shattering you are done with your make-up item:

Most of us are unaware of the trick of saving the shattered blush or compact/ foundation after it accidently falls and shatters. It can easily be mixed with rubbing alcohol to make it clay like consistency and then let it set for a while and then it is as good as new. Now, with this trick you can fix your blush, compact any make-up can save yourself money.

  • Wearing makeup is bad:   

Skin without make up gets fresh air, but there is a very popular myth that wearing makeup daily damages your skin which is partially true as it damages your skin only when you use a low quality makeup which is not good for your skin. Wearing a good quality make-up doesn’t damage your skin. It gets damaged when you do not remove your make-up post any event and you sleep on it.

  • Serums can cure your splits completely:

Many famous brands promise to cure split ends but at the end of the day they only improve its condition and cure some of them. Only way to cure them is to go for a haircut, then only they can be removed.

  • You always get lipstick on your teeth:

We all have experienced that lipstick gets on your teeth, but you can avoid it by removing it with a tissue press it between your lips slightly and then press your lips over it so that all the extra lipstick will get removed.

  • Direction is not important while filing your nails:

Filing your nails in opposite directions can lead to wear and tear and peeling of nails. Always file them in a single direction to improve their growth.

myths about beauty marks

beauty mark myths5 beauty myths debunked

myths about beauty marks

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